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Valuation Objection

If you are aggrieved by the valuation of your property as shown on your rate notice, you may object. This must be done by completing and lodging with Council the prescribed form, a copy of which can be obtained from the Customer Service, phone (03) 5559 4800, within two months of the issue of your Valuation and Rate Notice.

You may object on one or more of the following grounds that:

  • The value assigned is too high or too low;
  • The interests held by various persons in the land have not been correctly apportioned;
  • The apportionment of the valuation is not correct;
  • Lands which should be included in one valuation have been valued separately;
  • Lands which should be valued separately have been included in one valuation;
  • The person named in the notice of valuation assessment notice or other document is not liable to be so named; and
  • The area, dimensions or description of the land are not correctly stated in the notice of valuation assessment notice or other document.

You may object against your property's valuation if it appears on subsequent rate notices. Details regarding objection processes appear on the back of your rate notice.

Note: Objection or appeal does not prevent the recovery of any rate or charge or the charging of interest.

You should discuss any valuation issues you may have by contacting Council's Valuer. An appointment can be arranged by contacting Customer Service on phone (03) 5559 4800.

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