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CBD Car Parking


331 free car spaces until 11am

Free parking is available until 11am on weekdays in the 2P spaces of the Ozone, Parkers, Cramond & Dickson and Coles Younger carparks. 

These carparks contain a mix of timed and all-day parking spaces, and it’s important to note that free parking until 11am only applies to the signed 2P spaces.

The usual parking arrangments have resumed in all other areas. You can pay for parking either by using a parking meter or via the free CellOPark smartphone app.

Parking in Warrnambool’s city centre

Warrnambool City Council has introduced pay-by-plate parking in the CBD.

The more user-friendly system means you don’t have to print out a ticket and walk back to your car to display it.

You simply enter your licence plate number into the parking meter or via an app, select the time zone in which your car is parked and pay by coin, card or through the app.

Then it’s time to enjoy the CBD.

These new meters are available for on-street parking and in the off-street car parks.

The pay-by-plate system and new meters provide a simpler, consistent paid parking arrangement across the whole city centre.

Parking in and around the city centre has been designed to ensure people coming to the city centre have choices.

For commuters or people coming to enjoy a movie or a leisurely day browsing shops and dining at a café or restaurant, we have a number of all-day car parks.

For those doing tasks like a grocery shop or collecting an item at a pharmacy there are short-term options, including 15-minute bays along Liebig Street.

VIDEO: How to use Warrnambool's new parking meters


The app – pay only for the parking time you use

The move to pay-by-plate parking has been accompanied by a move to a new app called CellOPark.

Using the app is a convenient way to organise your parking payments and means that you only pay for the time you use. So if you park in a one-hour parking space, which costs $1.40 per hour, but you stay only 30 minutes, with the app you will pay only 70c.

There are no charges for using the app although banks and other credit card providers may have charges relating to the use of the credit card.

The CellOPark app is available for download on Apple and Android phones.

CellOPark also offers a premium service called iMoved that sends you reminders when your parking credit is set to expire. This opt-in service costs $1.99 a month.

You do not need to download the premium service to use the basic app.

The following table explains the differences between the free app and the premium service.

Feature CellOPark basic CellOPark
Recognises where you are Yes Yes
Activates a parking session Yes Yes
Terminates a parking session Yes Yes
Sends parking expiry reminders No Yes
Sends a reminder to stop a parking session No Yes
Cost Free $1.99 a month

Note: if you inadvertently download the premium service you will need to unsubscribe by logging into your account via CellOPark’s desktop website.

VIDEO: How to use the CellOPark app

Frequently asked questions

If I’m using the app, what happens if I forget to press stop?

When activating a parking session the system will inform you of the time at which it will automatically end that session if you do not end it sooner. This will either be once the maximum time limit for that car park has been reached (for example, you will be charged a maximum of two hours parking in a two hour zone) or when the paid parking hours are over, which is 5 or 5.30pm depending on the car park.

What is the CellOPark premium service?

If you opt-in to the CellOPark premium service, you will be sent an SMS reminder approximately 15 minutes before you are due to overstay the allowed time in a specific carpark. It will also send you a reminder if it detects that you have moved your car but haven’t stopped your session. This service costs $1.99 per registered vehicle per month. If you don’t use the app during the month, you will not be charged. If you have signed up for this service, but would like to cancel it, you can do so on the profile page of your online account (currently via CellOPark’s the desktop site only).

Why has CellOPark charged me $1 when I haven’t started a session yet?

When you register your credit card in the app, CellOPark charges $1 to the card to ensure that the payment method is authentic, but note that this is always refunded by CellOPark.

Is the time purchased on parking meters transferable between carparks?

Yes it is, as long as both carparks have the same time limit. So if you paid for two hours of parking in a two hour zone using either coin or card, then you finished in that area after one hour, you could then drive to and park in another two hour zone and use your remaining time. You don’t pause and then re-start your session for this to occur, it will work automatically. So if you buy two hours of parking in a two hour zone, you can park in any two hour carpark during that time.

Do the parking meters accept all coins?

Yes, all Australian coins are accepted.

Why is there a surcharge when paying for parking using a credit card on the parking meters?

This surcharge represents a credit card merchant and a payment gateway processing fee. These are not Council fees.

Why will the meter let me pay for four hours when I’m in a one-hour parking zone?

We’ve programmed all meters in the same way to provide consistency. 

This was also done to provide a more convenient service. For example let’s say you’ve parked in a 1P zone. You get to the footpath but the meter that is in front of the 1P zone is further away and not in the direction you want to go. You don’t have to use that meter, instead you can continue in your preferred direction and even if the next meter is in a 4P zone you can still use it to pay for your 1P parking.

As with parking everywhere, you will need to check the sign that applies to the parking space you have chosen. So if the sign is in a 1P zone, the limit is one hour.

Why does Council charge for some parking?

Income from car parks is used to maintain the car park (sealing, lighting, line-marking) and for enforcement of time limits by Local Laws officers.

We have time limits to encourage a regular turnover of vehicles so that people needing to shop in the city centre can expect to find a park.


Free parking

For motorists who prefer not to pay for parking there are still plenty of options. The city centre and hospital precinct contain more than 4000 car parking spaces, more than 1000 of which are free.

For instance parking along Banyan Street, parallel to Liebig Street, is free – just make sure you stick to the time limit.

There’s more free parking on the way. Council is working with VicTrack to build a new car park in the railway station precinct. When completed in 2018, this new car park will provide more than 100 extra parking spaces.

Parents with pram parking

Accessible parking for parents with prams has been introduced in the Target carpark, Coles Centro carpark and Ozone Square carpark.

Disabled persons’ parking permit

Application forms are available from general practitioners or Council. Conditions apply. Parking in all bays (including disabled bays) in on and off street carparks is free for current permit holders.

Permits are recognised elsewhere in Australia. Parking concessions may be different in other States and Territories and you should check the conditions applying to the Disabled Persons Parking Scheme in the State or Territory you intend to visit.

Free parking for Returned Service Personnel

A permit system has been introduced which enables free parking for people involved in a theatre of war or peace-keeping force. Permit holders must be residents of the municipality and have represented Australia in war service.

* This permit is only valid within the Warrnambool municipality. Application fees apply.

Hospital Precinct Parking

Council has worked with residents and health service staff to improve parking in the hospital precinct. Click on the link up and to the right of this text to find out where you can park all day within 400m of the hospital.

Loading zones

Loading zones are to assist with moving of goods from vehicles in the City Centre. They must not be used for parking or stopping by anyone other than people in a commercially registered delivery vehicle or a vehicle with the approved signage displayed. Motorists who are not eligible to park in loading zones will incur fines.

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