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Mayor Cr Robert Anderson with FOGO bin, kitchen caddy and bioplastic bin liners.


All households have received their FOGO bin so now it’s time make the most of it.
In order to achieve the cost savings and environmental benefits that the service can potentially deliver, ensure that all foodwaste is going into your FOGO bin.

This includes;

  • Meat
  • Bones
  • Chicken carcasses
  • Animal waste
  • Human and animal hair
  • Shellfish

Already composting or worm farming?

FOGO complements your home compost by dealing with those hard to compost items like oyster and egg shells, avocado and mango pips. It also accepts items that you don’t really want to put in your compost like meat, bones, dairy, citrus and onions.

Additional FOGO bags

A year’s worth of liners has been provided to you based on using 3 a week.
If you find you are using more, you can purchase extras from

  • Godfreys – Shop 2B, Harvey Norman Centre, Raglan Pde
  • Coastal Wholesalers – 3 Albert St, Warrnambool
  • Packaging Pro – 178 Raglan Pde
  • Bunnings – 7/2-40 Raglan Pde, Warrnambool

Keep an eye out for the Seedling logo, this will ensure that the liners you are buying are certified compostable.

Liners can also be made out of newspaper.
Check out this website to see how -

Remember food-spoiled paper can go in the FOGO bin such as pizza boxes or fish and chip paper (make sure all little bits of plastic are removed such as sauce packets or plastic cutlery).
Keep placing all clean paper and cardboard in your recycling bin.

Benefits of FOGO:

By keeping FOGO out of landfill and composting it, valuable resources are being recycled, helping improve soils and capture carbon on local farms. Composting also generates significantly less methane (a potent greenhouse gas) than disposing of FOGO to landfill, so the city’s greenhouse gas emissions can potentially be reduced by 4,000 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) which is equivalent to removing 857 cars off the road every year.
Composting FOGO can eventually result in cost savings for Council and the community, because disposal to landfill of the same material costs $100 more than composting it.


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